The Ballie

100 x 120 cm (39.3 x 47.2 in) mixed media oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. The piece is gently coated with varnish which protects the painting safe from UV rays, moisture, and smudging.

The artwork, signed by the author, comes with the Certificate of Sale, authenticating your purchase and collector status.

The price includes DHL Express worldwide shipping. There are no delays in international shipping from Ukraine due to Covid-19.

Talking with people about self-development and achieving goals, you can hear how some say that they look on those who have a dream with admiring envy. They say that those people follow the planned course, that life is much easier for them as they don’t need to worry about finding themselves and skip from side to side.
And people with a dream talk about how easy it would be not to have it, that dream. They could go with the flow, provide a comfortable life for themselves, work and rest at the fixed time without any worries.
Sometimes everyone wants to fold into a ball and roll along the road. And the smooth one. But life is the stairs. Everyone chooses the direction and pace.

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