To the light

100 x 80 cm (39.3 x 31.4 in) mixed media oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. Hommage to Laura Hospes. The piece is gently coated with varnish which protects the painting safe from UV rays, moisture, and smudging.

The artwork, signed by the author, comes with the Certificate of Sale, authenticating your purchase and collector status.

The price includes DHL Express worldwide shipping. There are no delays in international shipping from Ukraine due to Covid-19.

If you want changes, you have to invite chaos. You shouldn't resist it. Just go with its flow. You'll never know in advance where it'll lead you. Only after completing this path, you'll understand whether it was a gift from the Universe or a lesson that you needed to learn. Anyway, you won't be left standing. After all, changes are always for the better.
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