Natalie Kato

Natalie Kato is a contemporary artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She studied art history at Khan Academy and familiarized the techniques of old masters and mixed media at Milan Art Institute, where she developed her unique style.
Natalie takes part in group exhibitions in her country and abroad. Her paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the USA.
Mixed media is the constant in Natalie's work. With its help, she creates a sensual interaction with a viewer. A subject is always a person - the richest source of her inspiration. The artist is interested in the emotional component of life: feelings and the mechanisms of their generation, conflict situations, and consequences.
"My mission is inspiring as many people as I can to stick to what lights their souls up, celebrate the senses and the sensual, value beauty, and immerse in the details that make up our world."


Some photos from exhibitions