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Natalie Kato is a professional artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has been painting all her life. At school, it was wall newspapers and postcards; at the university - fairy tale illustrations and graphics; at work, she always made sketches whenever she had a free minute.

She tried herself in different jobs, but after a few years, she realized that she could not force herself to do that any longer. So she quit her job and gave herself up to her passion – art.

Natalie was lucky to get to a revolutionary art school – Milan Art Institute – where she was taught old masters techniques and mixed media. Thanks to this school, she found her voice and developed her unique style. She depicts people in abstract scenery and describes her paintings as abstract realism.
"I try to create a sensual interaction with a viewer through my art.
The subject matter of my paintings is a woman. I depict her in abstract scenery which engages a spectator to play, unravel a mystery, feel that magnetism and deep satisfaction.

My inspiration is fueled by people's longing for beauty, passion and love. So, I'm truly devoted to creating art that touch people's heartstrings and make them celebrate the senses and the sensual, immerse in the little things that make up our world."
- Natalie Kato
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